Russian Immigration Lawyer In West Hollywood

Law BooksAnyone who has attempted to file a visa application knows that the process is complex. You must understand which forms to fill out, what information to provide on those forms and what documents the U.S. Customs Officials consider necessary and valid.

These obstacles only become more challenging if English is not your native language. You need an advocate on your side who can translate these regulations into a manageable, step-by-step process.

I am attorney Vladimir Parizher, a Russian-speaking immigration attorney based in West Hollywood, California. I help Russian-speaking clients and people of many other nationalities to navigate through the immigration process. My practice includes helping individuals with a wide variety of immigration petitions, including:

  • Non-immigrant and immigrant visas
  • Extraordinary ability visas
  • Treaty investor visas
  • Family-based and fiancee visas
  • Domestic violence victims (VAWA) and victims of crime (U-Visa) and trafficking (T-Visa)
  • Asylum petitions  before the USCIS, in removal proceedings, and on appeals
  • Visa extensions, changes and adjustment of status
  • Naturalization

While I cannot guarantee specific results, my practice has been highly successful in having petitions granted. I attribute this success to my knowledge of immigration law, my detail-oriented approach and the close partnership I form with my clients. I work in one-on-one consultations with my clients, so you always know who is working on your case.

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I have a 24-hour response policy. This means that when you call or email, I will respond within 24 hours if I cannot answer immediately. I invite you to email me or call 310-595-4963 to set up a consultation with me today.