West Hollywood Attorney Handling Asylum Cases

The U.S. Government offers asylum to people who have been admitted to the United States, were persecuted in their home countries, or have a well-founded fear of persecution, on account of  their race, religion, ethnicity, or political opinion in their home countries, and are afraid to return to their countries of residence. To obtain asylum, you will need to prove all elements of asylum legal standard. You must know and understand all those elements and cover them all in your story. If you miss at least one of the required elements, your case becomes defective and will not pass the Master. You also need to understand what sort of documentary evidence is needed. Do you know what corroborative evidence is? I can help. We help asylum seekers to present their story in an organized legal fashion that meets the asylum standard. As a diligent West Hollywood asylum lawyer, I put my skills to help you in filing a petition that meets the Government’s requirements.

I understand what the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is looking for in your asylum petition. I accompanied the asylum claimants to their actual USCIS’s interviews many times and participated in the interviewing process. Let me put my experience to work for you.

Proving Your Asylum Case

The USCIS will first look to establish the truth of your reasons for seeking asylum. Asylum only applies to those who have objective reasons to fear persecution from a particular group connected to Government or their Country’s Government. Joblessness, lack of opportunity or personal disagreements will not be enough to meet the requirements for asylum. When you work with my firm, we will spend considerable time talking through your situation before developing your petition. I will ask you to write your story down if I believe it is credible. I will tell you what documents you’d prefer to support your claim such as police reports, court records, health records or other evidence. Once all of these materials are in place, I will help you to fill your petition and help you prepare for your asylum interview. An asylum officer or immigration judge will conduct the interview and make the final decision on whether or not to grant you with an asylum.

Appealing Denied Decisions

When you are interviewed with an asylum officer, your asylum case is called an Affirmative Asylum. If the USCIS’s Officer denies your asylum petition, the case then is referred to the Immigration Court where removal proceedings are originated against you. In Immigration Court, your asylum case becomes a Defensive Asylum. I help, support and defend both. If required, we will appeal the negative decision to the Board of Immigration Appeals, or ask for review in the Federal Appellate 9th Circuit.

I offer those services to anyone who has been denied asylum, even if the initial application was prepared by another attorney or individual and you are seeking a second opinion. If you have been denied at any level of the asylum process, call me for a comprehensive consultation where we will discussed all your available options.

What’s Next?

Once asylum is granted, you must wait one full year before applying for a green card. As part of my comprehensive immigration practice, I can help you apply for this adjustment of status at that time, or at any time during the litigation process, if adjustment of status becomes available to you. I can also help you filing petitions to bring over spouses or children who may still be in your home country.

You came to this country for a reason and fear to go back. Let me help you telling that story so you can begin establishing a new life here. Contact my firm by email or by calling 310-595-4963 to get started on your case today.