What Else Could I Do For You?

Immigration law takes substantial portion of my practice. However, this is not the only area of law where I could effectively help my clients. I have great interest and adequate expertise in the following additional practical areas:

1. Transactional Business Law
a. Business and Employment Contracts and Agreements
b. Real Estate Transactions and Agreements
c. Confidentiality and non-disclosure Agreements

2. Business Litigation
a. Contractual disputes
b. Conversion of money and personal property actions
c. Tort defense
d. Family Disputes and Dissolution of Marriage
e. Collection actions
f. Foreclosure defense

3. Health Law
a. Medicare-Medicaid Regulatory Compliance
c. Coding Issues
d. Exorbitant Hospital Medical bills
e. Health Law must be “reasonable and necessary”
f. Knox-Keene Health Care Services Act – Consumers